Mrs. Charity Hall-Baker Promoted

The staffing industry has become ever increasingly complex due to state and federal legislative changes that must be constantly monitored and implemented within a firm’s framework. We are pleased to have promoted Mrs. Charity Hall-Baker into a hybrid role of both Human Resources and Compliance. She has spent that last few years with TFG […]

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Building Recruiters from Scratch

As of late at The Fountain Group, we have had great success building competent  recruiters that began with no prior industry experience.

This is due in large part to the junior-senior program we have implemented. With this, a strong senior recruiter partners up with a junior recruiter to provide one on one assistance on a […]

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Employers guide to your H1B Visa

Knowing and Understanding your rights with an H1 Visa: There currently is and will continue to be quite a bit of volatility in the H1 candidate marketplace due to two factors:

1) USCIS and Dept. of Labor”s continued efforts to audit and crack down on employer abuses and failures to adhere to the guidelines and […]

James DeNunzio Becomes Sr. Recruiter

Congrats to James DeNunzio for becoming a senior recruiter. James has proven himself tremendously since the short time he has been with The Fountain Group. His effort and production as a junior recruiter were extraordinary, with over 15 placements in the 1st quarter of 2014. There is no doubt that James […]

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Servicing an Enterprise Cloud Computing Leader

The competitive need for IT consultants in today’s job market is at a high. Technologies within innovative social platforms, Cloud Computing, ‘big data’ and advanced analytics, and digital commerce, to name a few, are all in high demand as companies and their need to stay relevant and competitive are put to test.   With […]

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Sourcing Efforts for Joint Polar Satellite System

As a top competitor in providing staffing solutions, The Fountain Group has been selected to participate in the sourcing efforts for the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS). The JPSS is a tested solution that will be used to support current and future weather and environmental sensing satellite missions.

The JPSS is the only […]

Education Enhancement Initiatives Prove Significant

The significance of education remains hugely vital to our continued success in the employment market. A global Fortune 500 client of The Fountain Group recently reached out with a critical need to fill numerous highly-specialized positions within their Healthcare sector.

By deploying various education enhancement initiatives for our Recruitment Team, we successfully placed 50+ […]

Career Advice Article-Job Board Tips

Phillip’s Tips – Advice From One of Our Experienced Professionals

By Phillip Mooney, Account Manager

So you posted your resume to a major job board and have never heard anything back? This is a common problem that many job seekers voice as a major frustration in a job search. While it is true that the major […]

Career Advice-Never Underestimate the Importance of Networking

Phillip’s Tips – Advice From One of Our Experienced Professionals

By Phillip Mooney, Account Manager

Networking with other professionals in your industry is very advantageous when you’re looking for work. Through networking, you could meet a recruiter who has multiple clients looking for people with your skill set, hear about an unadvertised position, find a new […]

Interview Tip – Customize Your Resume

Phillip’s Tips – Advice From One of Our Experienced Professionals

By Phillip Mooney, Account Manager

Let’s face it, job hunting is hard work. Going through job boards, company career websites, attending interviews and career networking can take up a large amount of time. So is one expected to do all of these things and still rewrite […]

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